Active Schools Flag in Scoil Chríost Rí!


Our school has always been known for being a very active and sporting school.  We have a huge range of different individual and team sports, along with very close links to community games. Many of our teachers give their time to after-school training sessions for the boys each and every day. Nobody could deny that our school has a very sporty squad of boys!

This year we have decided to apply for the Active Schools Flag as we want anyone who passes our school gate to see the blue flag flying and know how committed we are to sport, fitness and keeping active! 

The school has been working hard to improve fitness levels and keep everyone in our school and community active since September 2017. We know that a child should be active for at least 60 minutes a day and have added some great new routines to help the boys achieve this goal. 

Our Active School Committee has been extremely helpful in coming up with fun ways to become more active and are also in charge of reminding teachers about Active Lines, Active Breaks on Wet Days and helping come up with new activities and games for the Junior yards.  

Next week (May 14th – 18th) will be our Active Schools Week! There are lots of fun activities planned and we encourage everyone to get out and get active! 

Check out our school Twitter @CTKBNS to find out more! 

Our Active School Committee
Jack – the 1st class representative on the Active School Committee
Bobby – the 5th class representative on The Active School Committee
Junior Infants running laps for the Run Across Europe Challenge!
Luke running laps in the Run Across Europe Challenge!
Jake teaching Ms. Dore how to do the Floss during 12@12! (12 minutes of exercise at 12 o’clock!)


Twitter Update

Our school is now on Twitter, you can find us @ctkbns for updates on all school activities. Many of our teachers are also on twitter with their classes. Don’t be afraid to follow to see the hive of activities taking place throughout our school!


Our twitter plugin will be available very shortly where any information or pictures posted on twitter will automatically update onto our website here!

Stay tuned its on the way!